Penetrating Joint & Muscle Roll-On Relief

Don’t let joint pain stop you. Flexdermal is an all-natural pain relief cream that helps soothe swelling, combat stiffness, increase flexibility and bring you quick yet lasting relief.
  • Eases joint pain & soothes sore muscles
  • Promotes flexibility & comfortable movement
  • Penetrates deeply for a rapid response

What To Expect From Flexdermal

  • Rapid Relief & Ongoing Support

    Rapid Relief & Ongoing Support

    Quickly alleviates inflammation and tenderness while promoting long-term flexibility and mobility.

  • Effective For Multiple Types Of Discomfort

    Effective For Multiple Types Of Discomfort

    Eases joint discomfort related to aging, injury, or overuse and soothes sore, aching muscles.

  • Promotes Resilience To Damage

    Promotes Resilience To Damage

    Strengthens joints, ligaments, and tissue for resilience to daily stresses and further damage.

All-Natural Ingredients
No Fillers
No Chemicals
No Synthetic Additives

How Flexdermal Works

The research-backed key extracts in Flexdermal work together to soothe joint and muscular discomfort, control inflammation, and restore ease of movement. By promoting cartilage strength and helping build resilience against further damage, with regular use, Flexdermal supports long-term improvements in joint function, helping you enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle with enhanced flexibility and mobility.

Flexdermal Dosage Instructions

  • Apply To Skin Using Roll-On Bottle

    Apply To Skin Using Roll-On Bottle

  • Massage Until Absorbed

  • 3-4x a Day

Flexdermal Ingredients

  • Menthol

    Menthol offers a cooling, soothing sensation to the skin, helping to ease discomfort by minimizing the sensitivity of nerve endings over time. This active ingredient is also shown to be effective in alleviating muscular aches and pain.

  • Camphor

    This deeply absorbing oil plays a role in helping to block nerve signals, thereby contributing to the relief of joint and muscle discomfort. Additionally, it supports healthy blood flow that promotes a reduction in inflammation.

  • Glycerin


    Glycerin serves as a humectant, drawing moisturize to the skin to provide hydration. This alleviates dryness and smooths lines and wrinkles. One review described its numerous dermatological applications.

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