Male Sexual Enhancement Gel

  • Enhances sexual stimulation & arousal
  • Provides long-lasting, non-sticky lubrication
  • Improves orgasm intensity for greater satisfaction

What To Expect From Vazogel

  • Strong, Hard Erections

    Increases blood flow to the penis, creating a bigger, harder erection.

  • Silky-Smooth Lubrication

    Long-lasting lubrication improves pleasure with every stroke.

  • Intense, Powerful Orgasms

    Improved stimulation leads to powerful orgasms and greater overall satisfaction.

All-Natural Ingredients
No Fillers
No Chemicals
No Synthetic Additives

How Vazogel Works

Vazogel contains a blend of naturally stimulating active ingredients in a light, non-sticky formula that starts working upon application, increasing blood flow to the penis for a strong, hard erection. With enhanced stamina and long-lasting lubrication, every stroke brings satisfaction, leading to more powerful orgasms, greater pleasure, and dramatically improved overall performance.

Vazogel Dosage Instructions

  • Apply a small amount to the hands

  • Smooth over the entire penis

  • Reapply as often as needed

Vazogel Ingredients

  • Arginine


    This amino acid helps widen blood vessels, thereby increasing the volume of blood rushing to the penis upon arousal. In turn, this creates a stronger, longer-lasting erection.

  • Panax Ginseng Root

    Panax Ginseng Root

    Widely used in traditional Asian medicine, Panax Ginseng Root is ideal for men who want to delay ejaculation and perform longer, bringing greater sexual pleasure to both partners.

  • (Shea) Butter

    Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter

    This rich moisturizer not only provides long-lasting lubrication to enhance sexual sensations but helps condition the skin too, reducing dryness and creating a pleasurably smooth texture.

Additional Ingredients


Highly moisturizing with a silky texture, squalane helps to eliminate dry skin, reducing friction and providing greater pleasure for both partners.

Lepidium Meyenii Root Extract

This natural ingredient, also known as Maca, offers numerous sexual health benefits, supporting a strong libido and increased sexual energy.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

With its long-lasting, naturally lubricating properties, Aloe ensures smooth penetration without any irritation for the duration of sexual activity, leading to an increase in satisfaction.

Cuscuta Australis Seed Extract

This key ingredient has multiple powerful benefits for male sexual health and overall function, enhancing stamina for better performance and pleasure.


As a humectant, this light and non-sticky active ingredient attracts moisture to the skin, locking it in to keep it conditioned and create a smoother texture that feels pleasurable to the touch.

Erythroxylum Catuaba Bark Extract

Thanks to its powerful stimulating properties, this extract boosts blood flow to the penis, helping men achieve a strong, powerful erection that stays harder for longer.


With powerful healing and moisturizing benefits, glycerin improves skin health and reduces rough, dry patches by providing deep, long-lasting hydration, thereby greatly enhancing sexual pleasure.

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