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Experience easier weight management throughout menopause and beyond with this powerful trio of products that support multiple aspects of well-being for healthy weight loss and long-term maintenance.

  • Helps prevent menopause-related weight gain
  • Promotes fat-burning, energy levels & appetite control
  • Supports quality sleep to enhance weight loss efforts
All-Natural Ingredients
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What To Expect From Menoquil

Reduce Hot Flashes

Balances hormones, reducing hot flashes and night sweats so you can sleep better.

Promotes Physical Health

Provides nutritional support for long-term bone health and effective weight management.

Enhances Mood

Prevents mood swings, anxiety and irritability while also increasing mood and libido.

What To Expect From Phenocal

Powerful Rapid Weight Loss

Potent key ingredients actively promote rapid and efficient weight loss.

Boosted Energy & Metabolism

Elevated energy levels and increased serotonin levels ensure lasting motivation.

Decreased Food Cravings

All-natural ingredients work with your body to decrease the frequency of cravings.

What To Expect From Somulin

More Restful Sleep

Encourages deeper and more restorative sleep.

Quicker Sleep Onset

Promotes a quicker and more peaceful transition into sleep.

Better Cognitive Performance

Feel rested, recharged and operating at your best.

Full List Of Ingredients

Ingredients in Menoquil

Black Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh raises estrogen levels and decreases hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. An 8-week study on menopausal women found a significant hot flash reduction, and another shows this root improves sleep.

Soy Isoflavones

Soy isoflavones balance estrogen, increasing menstrual cycle length and reducing breast cancer risk. This compound also promotes bone health, decreases osteoporosis risk and reduces hot flash frequency.

Chaste Berry

Chaste berry helps to regulate the circadian rhythm and improve sleep quality. One study showed that it reduced menopause symptoms even at low doses.

Red Clover

This flower contains isoflavones, which act like estrogen in the body and reduce menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. A 3-month trial showed a 73% decrease in hot flashes and improved sleep.

Dong Quai

Dong quai reduces menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, and research shows that it’s more potent combined with black cohosh and red clover. Dong Quai also improves sleep quality.

Wild Yam Root

Wild yam root stabilizes estrogen levels, reducing menopausal symptoms, and decreases urinary tract infections, uterine cramping and chronic pelvic pain. It’s also been shown to contain diosgenin, which is an intestinal anti-inflammatory.

Calcium (Citrate & Phosphate)

Calcium supports bone and general health in menopausal women, increasing bone strength and reducing the risk of fractures.

Vitamin K

This vitamin boosts calcium absorption, helping to prevent brittle bones, improve bone density and decrease risk of fractures.

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

Vitamin D reduces mood swings and improves calcium absorption. It also supports bone strength and density, prevents bone loss and decreases the risk of fractures.

Green Tea Leaf

Green tea balances hormones and alleviates hot flashes. It also improves bone strength and density, while its caffeine content boosts energy and promotes weight loss.

Phosphorus (Calcium Phosphate)

Phosphorus, with calcium, supports healthy bones. Together these ingredients work to improve bone strength and density. Studies have found a positive link between phosphorus intake and bone health.

Guggul Gum Resin

This resin prevents bone loss, reducing the risk of brittleness and fractures. One study showed that guggul suppressed appetite and improved mood, helping to promote weight loss and support weight management.

Black Pepper Extract

Infused with the bioactive alkaloid piperine, black pepper greatly enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring all the ingredients are at maximum potency.

Ingredients in Phenocal

Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia gordonii offers powerful appetite-suppressant benefits, allowing users to better manage portion sizes and lower calorie intake. In an insightful article, this ingredient is explored in the pursuit of weight loss.


Biotin plays a crucial role in converting food into energy. Taking a supplement ensures adequate intake and promotes weight loss. In an informative article, biotin's involvement in fatty acid synthesis is explored.

5 HTP (Hydroxytryptophan)

Based on clinical studies, the amino acid 5-HTP is found to elevate serotonin levels, positively impacting mood and subsequently curbing cravings. A noteworthy study showed that 5- HTP resulted in a substantial reduction in calorie intake.


Fucoxanthin, a compound found in brown seaweed, helps raise the body’s core temperature and promotes fat burning, particularly in the abdominal area. A 16-week study confirmed its ability to boost metabolism and promote weight loss.


Glucomannan is a natural fiber that effectively suppresses hunger, preventing overindulgence, and supports weight loss, enhanced digestive health and lower blood sugar. In an 8-week clinical trial, Glucomannan led to significant weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels.

Chromium (Picolinate)

This mineral reduces the conversion of glucose to fat while promoting muscle mass growth. Additionally, it effectively reduces hunger and eliminates cravings. A study [6] concluded that chromium not only contributes to fat and weight loss but also enhances glucose control.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCL)

Vitamin B1 encourages weight loss by converting sugars and starches into usable fuel while fostering the development of lean muscle mass. An informative article references research highlighting a link between vitamin B1 deficiency and obesity.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

Mitochondria depend on cellular riboflavin for energy generation and efficient fat burning. Given its rapid depletion, daily riboflavin consumption is essential, supporting weight loss, immune resilience and skin health.

Vitamin B3 (as Niacin, Niacinamide)

This essential nutrient increases adiponectin levels, promoting fat burning and weight loss while also working to decrease gut inflammation. As cited in a comprehensive review, niacin has been linked to reduced body weight and improved insulin sensitivity, particularly in individuals with diabetes.

Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)

Calcium pantothenate plays a pivotal role in metabolizing fats, proteins and carbohydrates, contributing to effective weight management. Moreover, it's been linked to stress reduction, curbing emotional eating tendencies and improving athletic performance. An informative article delves into the utilization of pantothenic acid for weight loss.

Vitamin B6: (Pyridoxine HCL)

Vitamin B6 metabolizes fats, carbohydrates and proteins, speeding up the metabolism and encouraging fat burning and weight loss. An enlightening 6-week study underscores the positive effects of consistent Vitamin B6 intake on weight and fat reduction.

Vitamin B12 (Hydroxocobalamin)

Vitamin B12 boosts energy levels, enhances food utilization efficiency and extends workout endurance for rapid calorie burning. A pivotal study established a connection between lower vitamin B12 levels and obesity.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D can block fat storage and prevent new fat cells from forming, aiding in weight loss. It also boosts serotonin levels, which suppresses hunger for a lower daily calorie intake. Research indicates that losing weight can increase Vitamin D levels.

Folic Acid

Folic acid plays a pivotal role in processing fats and proteins, converting fat stores into energy and aiding in an easier weight loss journey. One study uncovered a connection between lower folate levels and higher BMI and body weight.

Cocoa Extract (Standardized for Tyramine, Phenylalanine and 10% Theobromine)

Cocoa boasts polyphenols that inhibit fat and carbohydrate absorption. It contains theobromine, which suppresses hunger and boosts metabolism for effective fat burning and weight loss. One study highlighted cocoa’s significant role in accelerating weight loss.

Green Tea Leaf Extract (80% Catechins, Camellia Sinensis and 60% EGCG)

Green tea leaves include catechins, catalysts for fat and calorie-burning. Containing caffeine, this ingredient helps boost energy, burn fat, lower BMI, promote weight loss and reduce waist size. One review delves into green tea's anti-obesity prowess.


BioPerine optimizes the bioavailability of key formula ingredients, maximizing their impact. It also speeds up the metabolism, facilitating rapid fat burning and weight loss. A study conclusively supports piperine's fat-burning and lipid-reducing properties.

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

CLA supercharges the metabolism for rapid fat burning and weight loss, and an analysis of the research confirmed these benefits. It also prevents fat storage, suppresses appetite, boosts energy and enhances exercise endurance.

Garcinia Cambogia

This ingredient boasts hydroxycitric acid (HCA), an appetite suppressant that encourages lower daily calorie intake. It also blocks fat production and boosts serotonin levels, fostering an improved mood and less stress-related eating. A study on women underscored HCA's influence on fat metabolism during exercise.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate, armed with caffeine, heightens energy levels, revs up metabolism and fuels fat burning and weight loss. It mitigates fatigue and enhances athletic endurance. A study on obese subjects solidified its role in fat and weight reduction.

Coleus Forskohlii (Forskolin)

Coleus forskohlii generates enzymes that catalyze fat breakdown, amplify fat burning and shrink fat cell size. A study revealed forskolin's potential in reducing fat cell diameter and regulating glucose metabolism.


L-Tryptophan, an amino acid and serotonin precursor, supports enhanced mood, regulates metabolism and curbs appetite and cravings, translating to lower daily calorie intake and weight loss. Obesity Reviews explore the serotonin-food intake-obesity connection.


L-Tyrosine stimulates thyroid hormones, accelerating metabolism for effective fat burning and weight loss. It also enhances mood by bolstering chemicals like dopamine, reducing appetite and stress-induced eating. An article delves into L-tyrosine's stress-reduction properties.


Evodiamine possesses natural stimulating properties, preventing fat storage, igniting fat burning and suppressing appetite, culminating in weight loss. A study highlighted evodiamine's ability to improve insulin resistance and prevent obesity.


B-Phenylethylamine, an organic compound, sparks mood-enhancing brain chemicals like dopamine, reducing appetite for a lower calorie intake, promoting weight loss, reducing fatigue and enhancing brain health. One helpful article explores its weight loss benefits.

Ingredients in Somulin

Valerian Root

Valerian root promotes relaxation, and according to a research review improves sleep quality. It also supports GABA levels, a neurotransmitter that decreases anxiety, for an improved sleep experience.

German Chamomile

Chamomile serves as a natural sedative, promoting tranquility. Research has shown its effectiveness in enhancing sleep patterns in postpartum women and the elderly.

5-HTP (From Griffonia Sinensis Leaf)

5-HTP, from the Griffonia simplicifolia plant, promotes sleep, relaxation and overall well-being by increasing serotonin production. Research has highlighted the potential benefits of 5-HTP in improving sleep disorders.


This natural hormone promotes sleep and regulates sleep-wake cycles. One comprehensive research review showed that it effectively reduces sleep latency while improving sleep quality and duration.


Lavender promotes calmness, enhances relaxation and improves sleep quality by increasing levels of the brain chemical GABA, thereby reducing stress. One study confirmed its anxiety-reducing properties.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm, particularly when combined with valerian root, enhances calmness and improves sleep quality.


Hops possess natural sedative effects that promote faster sleep onset, deeper relaxation and reduce restlessness. One study confirmed its sleep-enhancing properties, particularly when used in conjunction with valerian root.


Skullcap enhances sleep quality, with one study revealing its mood-elevating and anxiety-reducing effects which contribute to relaxation and quicker sleep onset.

Passion Flower

Passionflower increases GABA levels in the brain, reducing stress and the time it takes to fall asleep. One study demonstrated anxiety reduction and improved sleep quality within just 7 days of usage.

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